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Initial Consultation

1-on-1 with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist

  • 1 hour
  • 85 Canadian dollars
  • Bradford, ON

Service Description

Nutrition Intake Form Review: The nutrition intake form provides valuable insights into the client's dietary habits, preferences, and current health status. It comprehensively captures essential information such as medical history, lifestyle factors, dietary restrictions, and specific goals. The form highlights areas for improvement, including potential nutrient deficiencies, unhealthy eating patterns, and challenges faced by the client. Plan of Action - 3 Months Protocol: The three-month protocol outlines a structured plan tailored to the client's individual needs and goals. It incorporates specific dietary recommendations, meal planning strategies, and lifestyle modifications to support optimal health and wellness. The plan addresses key areas identified in the intake form, such as increasing nutrient-dense foods, balancing macronutrient intake, and promoting mindful eating practices. It also includes measurable goals and action steps to track progress over the duration of the protocol. Macro Calculation: The macro calculation provides a customized breakdown of macronutrient targets based on the client's individual profile and goals. It accurately determines the optimal distribution of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to support various objectives, such as weight management, muscle gain, or athletic performance. The calculation considers factors such as age, gender, activity level, and body composition to ensure precision and effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. Overall, the nutrition intake form, plan of action - 3 months protocol, and macro calculation collectively form a comprehensive framework for guiding the client towards improved nutrition and overall well-being. Continuous monitoring and adjustment will be essential to ensure adherence, progress, and success throughout the duration of the protocol. Insurance Coverage: We will provide a receipt; insurance coverage may be covered with extended health and wellness plan.

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel within 24hrs or a charge of 50% of the fee.

Contact Details

  • 136 Scarlet Way, Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON, Canada

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