What are the benefits of exercise besides just losing weight?

Updated: May 14

This exercise was one of the most popular ways to enhance cognitive performance, mood and neuroplasticity.

Research has confirmed that chronic sitting has been bad for us. Excessive sitting was associated with early mortality, accounting for almost 4% of worldwide deaths.

One study from Utah University has found that the risk of early death decreases dramatically (by 33 percent) for only two minutes of walking per hour. In contrast, a study from the University of Cambridge found that an hour of moderate-intensity exercise per day eliminated the risk of early death.

Exercise could also be regarded as a panacea for the brain, validated continuously by studies on brain function and brain health. It is a medicine that coats our vulnerable organs with a chemical cocktail of "intelligent" molecules, from powerful antioxidants to nerve growth factors.

All right, so on exercise, you're sold. Where are we beginning?

It is possible to train two major energy systems — aerobic and anaerobic.

To make things easier, aerobic exercise resembles long cycling or walks, while heavy weight lifting and sprinting are usually considered anaerobic exercises. Consider the anaerobic as burning fat and aerobic as burning sugar. Aerobic training increases your heart rate and can last for a long time. The vast majority of the day, you work in an aerobic state. Aerobic exercise increases your metabolism intensity and demand but under similar metabolic conditions.