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For ladies or gentlemen who don’t like buying flowers for special occasions and think it’s a waste of money, think again. I just discovered a useful way to utilize flowers. I personally love the smell of flowers and use it for decor in the house especially on my dining table.

In a meditation book (Meditation & Mindfulness by Shiva Rose) the use of flowers & herbs for streaming face or body can have health benefits as well. Instead of waiting for the roses to die out I peel the dried petals from the roses and run a warm (avoid hot water, which dehydrates your skin) bath and drops them in. Bathing for a good 5-10 mins, not only relaxes your body, but it also helps with stress reduction and rose petals act as an anti-inflammatory that helps with sun-damaged skin. Rosewater helps soothe irritated skin, brightens your complexion, tightens pores for a smooth appearance, and it gives off a naturally calming scent.

Another thing you can use rose petals for is “Facial Steaming”. It’s a great thing to do before you bathe or shower. It opens your pores, which helps to get rid of impurities and enables your facial products to be absorbed more easily. Steaming also can be a meditative time when you visualize all the incredible properties of the plants nourishing your skin and soul. And lastly, ensure you rinse yourself with cool water after to close the pores.

Please keep in mind that if you’re using it as a facial steam or the above-mentioned bath addition I do recommend having fresh organic pesticide-free roses from a trusted florist. It can get a bit pricy but with its multiple usages it will be worth the investment instead of buying dried rose petals that are pre-packaged for you,

Additionally, I added "Rare Body" bath salts (whole crystal). This is a natural therapeutic, home sea salt sitz bath that helps removes toxins (detoxification), boosts circulation, and rejuvenates the skin.

For other options aside from roses, which is my favorite romantic flower, see the list below:

+ Calendula - helps moistures dry skin and has anti-aging properties

+ Chamomile- Acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents wrinkles

+ Cornflowers - Soothes and decongests the skin, acts as an astringent, and lightens the complexion

+ Dandelion - Releases impurities

+ Raspberry Leaf - Soothes sensitive skin and balances hormones

+ Sage - improves circulation

+ Yarrow - Heals wounds and enhances circulation

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