Make the Most of Your Veggies

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Hate giving up on your veggies just a few days after your purchase? Especially if you buy them organic. You don't have to do that! From bell peppers to asparagus, keep your vegetables from going bad and restore them with these helpful tips:

Removable Fresh-Cut Vegetables

If you're going to have crudités at your outside party, keep those chopped vegetables fresh and crunchy by preserving them properly: put moist paper towels over the vegetables and wrap everything in plastic wrap. Stick the wrapped vegetables in the refrigerator until it's time to serve. Carrots, broccoli, and peppers will remain vivid and crisp for 12 hours.

Crisp Up Your Carrots

Are limp carrots putting a crimp in your crudités tray? Get the crunch back by freezing it in a cup of cold water for 20 minutes. They're going to be as good as fresh!

Using the Newspaper

It's still a brilliant idea to line your refrigerator's crisper bins with a newspaper or a few paper towels to trap extra moisture. Mold spores love water, but the paper holds it hidden.

Lettuce Violence?

To ensure the iceberg lettuce lasts as long as possible, you can cut the innermost core before storing it. A simple (and admittedly fun) way to do this is to hit the lettuce against the hard surface and then twist the center.

This toast is lettuce.

Your lettuce will last longer if you store it in a bag with a bit of almost charred toast. Yes, really! The toast will retain moisture from the lettuce, which will last a long time. Check the toast every day, then replace it until it's soggy.

Revive the Fresh Celery

Have you ever found it hard to use the whole stalk of celery before it turns all rubbery on you? Place the celery in a bowl of ice water with a few potato slices, then wait an hour. It'll be ready to use when you get back to it.

Mushrooms shriveled? No issues at all

They can also be diced or minced and used for cooking. You're not going to be able to tell the difference!

Frozen Mushroom Recipe

To freeze the mushrooms:

  1. Clean the mushrooms with a wet paper towel and cut them.

  2. Sauté in a tiny amount of olive oil butter until it is almost finished.

  3. Remove from the heat, cool, and put in an airtight plastic bag in the freezer.

They're supposed to last up to 10-12 months!

Water Your Asparagus!

To make the asparagus last longer in the refrigerator, place the ends of the stem in a water container or wrap them in a wet paper towel and put them in a plastic bag. Like roses, the asparagus will begin to "drink" the water and remain fresh until it is ready for use.

Preventing the Soggy Slaw

Coleslaw is one of our summertime faves, but the shredded cabbage salad still seems to become soggy and limp until we allow a second helping out. Luckily, we've found a prep trick that helps keep the cabbage crunchy for longer: put the cabbage head in a big bowl or jar, fill it with ice-cold water, and apply one tablespoon of salt for every two-quarters of water. Let it soak for 10 minutes. The salt retains moisture, allowing the cabbage to remain hydrated and crisp even though shredded and mixed into a salad.


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