How Nutritionist Fuel for the Morning

Updated: May 14

My morning routine consists of waking up early, around 6 am, making my superfood coffee, which includes: a tsp of coconut oil, a tbsp of organic instant coffee, a scoop of creatine, a splash of 30g Premier caramel protein and a tsp of maca powder, and sometimes I add a tbsp of liquid ginkgo gin from Omega Alpha supplement. Your body's glucose supply is severely exhausted after a night's sleep, so there's little glucose left to fuel a morning workout. If you don't restore your glucose supply, you will feel sluggish and tired sooner. So sometimes, I would make a morning smoothie, adding my protein and coffee to ensure my body gets enough greens throughout the day.

After, I would journal for 5-10 minutes to reflect on the day before or plan out what I want to accomplish throughout my day and end off with some affirmations. Later, I would write my book or create content for this website, Instagram posts, recipes, etc. When I wake up, I feel at my sharpest in the morning, so I aim to wake up early to ensure I complete everything on my to-do list. Then, around 8 am, I would do strength training and sometimes cardio for about 20 minutes. I have a strategic workout plan that I follow throughout the week, consisting of 3 days for the lower body and two days for the upper body.

People often ask, how do I have all this energy that lasts throughout the day?

I have a blog post about "How do I manage my energy?" if you want to know more, read the blog post here. Setting the day's tone keeps my mind sharp and motivated when I follow these rituals. I feel accomplished that I had completed most of my tasks before starting the day. I know many people struggle either to wake up early in the morning or to have too many obligations, which keeps them from being committed to their health goals. It is not easy, but it can be done if you're willing to commit.

The key is to make it a habit; you will motion yourself to do it!

Another critical factor to keep in mind is making sure you are fueling yourself in the morning. I often add protein into my coffee and creatine to help build my muscles and keep me energized to do my routine. For example, after finishing my strength training, I would make a high-protein breakfast with lots of good fats. My go-to staple in the morning is avocado toast.