6 Tips for Staying Fit While Working Full-time

Updated: May 14

There are many reasons why a full-time job and a healthy lifestyle might not seem compatible. But with some extra effort, you can manage both without choosing one or the other.

It’s not easy staying fit while working full-time, especially if you’re trying to juggle your work, family and personal commitments. But it is possible, and it doesn’t have to take up all your time. Like with anything in life, you need to make sacrifices and prioritize how you spend your time, including your workouts. So how can you stay fit while working full-time? Here are our six top tips.

Prioritize Your Fitness

Whether you're busy with a carpool or working a 10-hour day, making exercise a priority benefits both you and your own body.

Start slow. We're all guilty of throwing ourselves into some new workout; but then finding ourselves bored and itching for something new, again and again.

You don't want to hit the fitness plateau and give it up together.

Enroll in the Zumba dance class, lift heavier weight and alternate between a light jog and sprinting for your treadmill routine. Fight for your right to be fit and fantastic. Or find a personal trainer who can help keep you accountable (our nutritionist is a certified strength coach who does fitness training).