25 Life lessons learned

Updated: May 19, 2020

Today is our nutritionist 33rd birthday and to celebrate her birthday she had written 25 lessons learned that she conquer and learned. So here are the 25 lessons learned:



3. FALL IN LOVE. It will hurt and it's tough to get over it, especially when you're a LOYAL person, but it definitely will help you grow to be a BETTER person.

4. YOUR STUDY DOES NOT END AFTER SCHOOLING. Knowledge is crucial. If you don't want to be left behind, keep studying!

5. YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. They are the ones who care about you. Treat them well and appreciate them.

6. YOUR WEAKNESSES DO NOT MATTER. Learn to accept this. The only things that matters are your strengths. Improve them.

7. EVERYTHING WORTH DOING TAKES YEAR. Don't expect to achieve it in a short amount of time, sometimes it takes years...

8. ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH ARE BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Make it a habit. Find your discomfort zone. Challenge yourself.

9. BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT WORTH STAYING IN. Don't waste time on things you can't fix anymore. Let them go and move on.

10. THE WORLD IS FULL OF INJUSTICE. Face it and be ready.

11. LUCK COMES TO THOSE WHO WORK HARD. Good things do not come to those who wait. Persistence and hard work are the only prerequisites for luck.

12. THERE IS NO PERFECT MOMENT TO START. If you want to start doing something, act now. Do not wait for a better moment. It will never come.

13. YOU CANNOT BE EVERYWHERE AND HAVE EVERYTHING. Learn to make the right choices and commit to the things that matter most.

14. EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE SHOULD BE APPRECIATED. Do not take people for granted.

15. EXPERIENCE AND WELL-BEING ARE YOUR BEST INVESTMENTS. The traditional measures of success — fancy cars and houses — are no longer relevant. Health, memories, experience, and knowledge. These are the things that matter.

16. ”I’LL DO IT LATER”. Later often means never. Do not postpone anything. Live now!

17. SUCCESS EQUALS PERSEVERANCE. Do not give up. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Chasing them is difficult, but it's worth the struggle.

18. REGULAR WORKOUTS ARE CRUCIAL. Take care of your health and body. Exercise regularly and make sure you are in good shape.

19. YOUR FAILURE DO NOT MATTER. Only wins count. Therefore, do not be afraid to fail.

20. NOBODY WILL HELP YOU. You have to help yourself.

21. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT, YOU MAY NOT SEE IT NOW. You will start to feel terrible over time.

22. NEVER STOP TRYING A NEW HOBBY. I picked up a sport, it keeps you alive.

23. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE. To be financially stable and live comfortably.

24. TRAVEL OPENS YOUR MIND AND PERSPECTIVE. Explore different cultures, their food, and ways of living.

25. STARTING A FAMILY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Despite feeling out of the game nothing is more comforting than your own home. 🏡

Let us know in the comment below if you can relate to this?

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