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What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

People often assume that a dietitian is a holistic nutritionist and a holistic nutritionist is a dietitian, but this actually holds no weight. These two fields are very different, and the differences are what sets a holistic nutritionist apart from others.

A dietitian is a professional that focuses solely on food and diet and how the food one eats affects their health. They work with the patient to transition to a healthier diet to reach health goals, and they often work alongside medical staff.

A holistic nutritionist focuses on the whole person. They believe that every part of a person- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and chemical- all work hand in hand to either positively or negatively impact one’s health. As such, a holistic nutritionist works to treat the whole person instead of just the diet.

An important aspect of this treatment is always education. They spend time educating their patients on living more healthy and making wiser choices.

They also spend time getting to the root cause of health issues instead of just treating the symptoms. They might, for instance, determine that a person is overweight due to overeating, but that the overeating is caused by depression. The holistic nutritionist would then focus on the depression and the overeating.

Working with a holistic nutritionist can reap excellent rewards. At HPN Health Consultants, we are dedicated to treating our patients as a whole person as opposed to putting a band-aid on the problem. Contact us today to get started. If you are not in our area, search for a “holistic nutritionist near me” for local options.


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