What Does a Sports Nutritionist Do?

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A sports nutritionist is a professional who provides nutrition coaching to athletes to improve their performance. As athletes train, workout, and compete on a regular basis, their bodies need more vitamins and nutrients than non- athletes. This makes nutrition coaching a very important aspect of an athlete’s life.

A sports nutritionist creates a diet plan that provides the levels of fats, proteins, and carbs that individual athletes need. The diet plans will depend on several factors, such as:

The Sport

Different sports require different types of physical activity, so the type of sport an athlete participates in can have a bearing on what needs to be cut from or added to their diet. For instance, a football player might need a different diet plan than a swimmer as football is an impact sport and swimming is an endurance sport.

The Athlete

An athlete’s body type, overall health, and lifestyle will also need to be factored in. Someone who is naturally lean and someone who carries more bodyweight will likely need different meal plans.

The Goals

The athlete’s health and fitness goals will also play a part. Some athletes want to focus solely on improving their performance while others also want to maintain a certain weight. Others might have completely different goals. Regardless, a sports nutritionist can help make it happen.