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Understanding Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition is a field of science that studies the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in food, and how they help the body. Nutrition also studies how a person’s diet and overall health can cause sickness and disease thereby gaining knowledge on how the right diet in a person might prevent disease and allergies.


Dietetics is a field of science that deals with what we eat and how the food we take in affects our health. Dietetics is used to determine what diet and nutritional therapies an individual needs to improve health-related issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, and being overweight.

Nutrition and dietetics are quite similar as they both study how food can affect a person, but there are some slight differences. As nutrition is about the food itself, it provides knowledge dietitians need when determining what food to recommend to patients.

For instance, let’s say a dietitian has a diabetic patient. The dietitian’s job is to put together a dietary plan to help reduce the treatment of that patient. With knowledge of nutrition, the dietitian knows which foods will convert into the highest levels of sugar and other harmful items for that patient.

As such, the dietitian can safely recommend which food items to reduce or stay completely away from. This example is only one of many ways that nutrition and dietetics work hand in hand.

If you are suffering from a health issue such as allergies, diabetes, or hypertension or you want to lose weight, working with a dietitian can provide many benefits. Just search for a “dietitian near me” or reach out to us here at HPN Health Consultants to get started on your health journey.


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